Compliance and


Get Compliant and Stay Compliant

Whether you need help to get compliant or stay compliant, our team is here to help. Do you need data to assist with compliance or to support a consent application? We have got this covered too.

Compliance Pro

CompliancePro is designed to help consent holders manage the risks and proactively meet conditions of resource consents by using flexible online technology, CS-Vue™. This allows for alerts and tasks to be scheduled, compliance signoffs, and online compliance document storage. This is proving to be an effective system for individuals with many consent conditions or actions, through to large corporate entities wanting to take a proactive approach to compliance.

Step and Aquifer Tests

Often step and aquifer tests are required for consents to take and use groundwater, and not only new consents, but also changes of conditions and renewals of existing consents as well. These tests allow us to determine if pumping your bore will affect neighbouring bores, hydraulic connection to a waterbody, and what a bores sustainable yield is. Step tests can be completed all year, however, constant discharge aquifer tests can only be completed in the winter period when irrigation is not occurring, so make sure you have plenty of time if renewing your resource consent.

Water Quality Monitoring

Our team assists with the development of water quality monitoring programmes for individuals, through to groups or schemes. We are able to collect the water samples and utilise the Hilltop water quality management system to process and report water quality results. This software is used by regional councils, as well as external consultancies such as Hill Laboratories for efficient data transfer between our two companies. This means that data entry is automated resulting in a streamlined process which enables data to be presented and mapped in different formats for individual streams or catchments.

Drop Testing

We can undertake testing to determine if your effluent pond is sealed and achieves consent or milk supplier compliance thresholds. A report will be sent to you to provide to your supplier or council upon completion of the test.

Water Storage Pond and Dam Inspections

Regular inspection of water storage ponds and dams needs to be undertaken to ensure they are structurally sound and meet consent compliance requirements. We have the engineering expertise in house to undertake these inspections and produce the necessary reports.

Static Water Level Monitoring

Measurement of groundwater levels during the irrigation off season is often a requirement of consents to take and use groundwater. We can add you to our winter testing programme.

Irrigation Evaluation

As certified and independent auditors we can test to check if your irrigation system is performing to specifications and advise on what to do if it is not. Our staff can help you improve your irrigation effectiveness and efficiency, saving you money and improving productivity. Irrigation evaluations are often required for consent compliance and is also a detailed assessment to really understand how your system is working, including operating pressure, energy use, flow and other variables. A full report is prepared with recommendations for improvements.

Bucket Tests

Bucket tests are a first step to understand how your irrigation system is performing. These should be undertaken annually and are often a requirement of Farm Environment Plans to be able to demonstrate that you are using your water efficiently and effectively. Our team are happy to help you with these if you are not able to.