Consulting and

Technical Support

Technical and practical advice for everyone.

Technical and practical advice for anyone dealing with complex environmental matters.

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental due diligence can take many forms. Does a property comply with the latest regulations? Does it have enough water now, and into the future? Can you change land use? If you are looking to buy or sell a property, understanding what it has (and what it does not have) is vital.


How reliable is your water source now, and with future changes to flow and allocation regimes? How many days water can you get without restriction or partial restriction? How much water storage do you need to meet your irrigation demand? Is there an option for water harvesting? We can help answer these questions.

Environmental Engineering

We provide a broad range of water resource and environmental engineering services that includes:

  • Inspection of water storage ponds and dams
  • Farm dairy effluent system design and management
  • Human effluent system design
  • Design of river protection works and other instream structures
  • Design of stormwater systems
  • Design of wetlands

Advocacy and Expert Support

Being able to have your say in the development of legislation or plans is all part of the process. It is best to be involved and have your say from the outset as plan changes will, in the long term, affect how you will operate your business. We can assist in setting up collectives and catchment groups right through to preparing submissions and hearing evidence.

Planning Support

With planning regulations constantly changing, it is difficult to keep on top of it all. The goal posts are continually changing with new plans and their interpretation, and Irricon can help you understand planning regulations and what it means for you.

Technical expertise

We can prepare and present expert evidence on our specialist technical areas, from resource consent hearings to the Environment Court and beyond. This can either be for the applicant or the council processing the consent.