Nutrient Management

Solutions for all your nutrient management related needs.

Our team can help you with all your nutrient management related needs from on farm advice and support to Farm Environment Plans.


Farm Environment Plans (FEP)

We can help you prepare these plans, working with you to assess environmental risks on your farm. We believe it is important that farmers contribute to identifying environmental risks given you know your property better than anyone. Irricon can provide advice on mitigation measures and help understand what you may need to do to meet regulatory requirements such as nutrient loss reductions. We believe it’s important to make sure you understand your plan so it’s not just filed away.

Nutrient Budgets

Our team have rural backgrounds and experience in nutrient budgeting for all farm systems and are CNMA accredited. We can also help you understand your nutrient losses and greenhouse gas emissions, and what these actually mean for you.

Preparation for Farm Environment Plan Audits

We can assist you with preparing for your Farm Environment Plan audit. Whether you are striving for higher audit grades or just generally wanting to ensure you are heading in the right direction, we can help you work through what needs to be done so that you are organised and confident on the day.

Farm Environment Plan Audits

We have a team of Environment Canterbury Certified Farm Environment Plan auditors with vast experience auditing for individual farmers to large irrigation schemes. If you are outside of Canterbury, our auditors can implement an audit program suitable for your region.

On Farm Advice

We offer practical advice about what you can do on farm to improve your environmental effects and make a positive difference on your farm while maintaining profitability, such as

  • Reducing your nutrient losses or greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Assist with preparing irrigation manuals to help operate your irrigation system effectively.
  • Independent advice when setting up and interpreting soil moisture monitoring.
  • Irrigation and soil moisture training, for individuals, groups or irrigation schemes.