Farm Environment Plans

New Zealand businesses are increasingly recognising the need to improve environmental performance. Frequently, costs of environmental compliance are identified as investment in the future of the company.

Irricon Resource Solutions works with farmers to develop a plan that ensures compliance and environmental sustainability. Farm Environment Plans are useful for integrating and implementing the environmental management commitments, conditions, and statutory requirements that resource consents impose. Irricon helps organisations understand their current environmental status and to produce effective solutions for delivering environmental management objectives.

We can assist you with:

  • Preparation of Farm Environment Plans.
  • Integrating environmental practice with operations.
  • Farm Environment Plan auditing.
  • Environmental mitigation measures.
  • Environmental awareness training.

Types of Environment management plans:

  • Farm Environment Plan (FEP)
  • Sustainable Milk Plan (SMP)
  • Environment Management Plan (EMP)
  • Land Environment Plan (LEP)
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