Meeting the challenge of achieving environmentally sound and sustainable solutions for wastewater management requires innovative strategies that combine expertise from a range of disciplines.

Irricon integrates its environmental and engineering skills to solve wastewater issues. We develop solutions to manage environmental effects to achieve sustainable environmental results by assessing the environmental resources and sensitivities, identifying community needs, and evaluating the wastewater discharge effects.

What can assist you with:

  • Analysis of wastewater issues and options.
  • Field investigations including site and soil assessments.
  • Assessment of the suitability of land for wastewater treatment and application systems.
  • Designing wastewater management systems.
  • Assessments of environmental effects.
  • Resource consent applications and hearings.
  • Management of installation of treatment and application systems.
  • Certification of systems once installed. 
  • Preparation of Wastewater Management Plans.
  • Preparation of  operations, maintenance and management programmes required for compliance procedures.
  • Auditing of sites to assess sources of contaminants.
  • Designing wastewater storage ponds.
  • Assessing seepage from wastewater storage ponds.

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